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Mondays and Fridays
These days, it's hard to hang onto money.

ED:  As reader Joseph pointed out, Scary Mary does birthdays, weddings, and bar mitzvahs.  That's one down, two to go ...

Next chapter begins on Saturday.  Remember when this was a comic about superheroes?  Guess what, we'll actually get to see some hero vs. villain action!  Violence!  Mayhem!  Paperwork!

ERIK:  A while back I said old people are too much fun to draw.  Now I've discovered that old, homeless people are even more fun to draw.  Maybe I just have an evil sense of humour.

ED: As long as I've got you good folks here ... would you be willing to help out a couple of struggling artists?  We have a new donation wallpaper, featuring the whole Mighty family in a dramatic pose ...

The Mighty family

... well, 75% dramatic anyway.

Please click on the tip jar below.  Any donation of $1 or more gets you the wallpaper of your choice!  If there's a specific image you'd like, let us know.

1 comment:
Joseph Rasche (thewarriorofmanyfaces) says:

Woulda look at that. I hadn't expected to be acknowledged in the author's notes at all! There's something to put on my List of Unexpected Accomplishments (what, you mean you don't have a list like that? Shame on you. XD)

And y'know, I just noticed Summer is wearing horizontal stripes. One would think that she'd have known better than to provoke the "horizontal stripes make me look fat" jokes...

Oh wait. Flyswatter. Silly me.

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