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From ka-boom to ka-broom

ED:  Hey, remember when this was a comic about superheroes?  It's about time we got back to the heroes and villains battling it out over ... something.  Not important, just so long as there's lots of violence.

Anyone else remember the old Marvel mini-series "Damage Control"?  It showcased the adventures of the company that comes in and cleans up after the supers demolish the town.  Now THAT would be a great idea for the next summer blockbuster.

ERIK: I can't count the number of times the Power Rangers demolished Angel Grove but were still celebrated as the world's greatest heroes one scene later.

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Joseph Rasche (thewarriorofmanyfaces) says:

Just a broken window? No shattered buildings or anything? Huh, collateral damage was surprisingly low. (Although I doubt anyone's complaining; less wasted money, less mess for Mr. Mighty.)

Oh, and that robot was not designed well. No protective coating for the mad scientist within! What's stopping him from falling out? Instead, buy from Killer Robots 'R Us today and get a safer robot for 10% less! Call now, 1-800-AI KILLS! That's right, 1-800-AI-KILLS! For a limited time only!

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