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You need someone who can answer the phone with *just* the right tone of voice.

ED:  This is what's known as a "backronym".  I came up with the abbreviation first, then had to figure out the name of the group to fit.  Hey, Mr. Mighty previously worked for the Group Of Official Do-Gooders United In Suppressing Evil (G.O.O.D.G.U.I.S.E.).

ERIK:  Some day I want to have my own underground lair.  It's going to take the Kickstarter page to end all Kickstarter pages to make it happen though.

ED:  Erik, you need to check out the Lairs & Bases page at VillainSource!

Joseph Rasche (thewarriorofmanyfaces) says:

Unauthorized access only? First that made me laugh, then I wondered... wouldn't that let the superheroes in, since they are also unauthorized?

Also, it's a good thing the facility is secret, because otherwise people might get a bit suspicious of MWAHAHAHAHAHA... mostly because it fits the bill of supervillains so well. As I said, good thing it's secret, because now I can chuckle instead of wonder why the citizens are so oblivious. :D

The Auld Grump (theauldgrump) says:

Best to begin with an abandoned missile base - http://www.missilebases.com/properties prices have dropped since Villain Source went live! A mere $750,000 gets you a very nice place indeed.

Matthew Mayabb (sephikus) says:

@Joseph I'd assume they'd simply have a reverse access system. Which means everyone by default is authorized, thus locking them out, and anyone they actually want in is revoked authorization, thus letting them in.

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