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Now that you found it, what will you do with it?

ED:  What has he found?  What will he do now that he's found it?  And will we EVER learn what Dr. Unpleasant has in his pocket?  (The answer to at least one of these questions next time.)

ERIK:  Now if only he could find Waldo.


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Brian Bogue (bigbearseviltwin) says:

What has he found?  Could it be the storage closet with the really good lock?

Joseph Rasche (thewarriorofmanyfaces) says:

Yay, a break for the villains! Go Hornswoggle, I knew you could do something useful!

...useful to the villains, I mean.

Ben Schweitzer (dracone) says:

The broken door piece says Currator, which means it'sthe museum curator's office. Just what are these wingnuts after?

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