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And their trucks have the same logo on the sides ...

Hey, someone has to deliver the superweapons.  I've always liked the idea that superheroes and supervillains need support industries.  Who constructs those nuclear silos inside active volcanos?  Where does Batman get those wonderful toys?  Does Superman really need to find a Kandorian dry cleaner?

I managed to get this up on schedule, in spite of losing one night of drawing time.  Someone at work was giving away two tickets to a Colts preseason game, which I won in a drawing, so I called my Dad and we hauled ourselved downtown on Thursday night.  My dad is a Colts fan as well as a retired structural engineer, so he spent as much time admiring the stadium as he did the team.

For those readers that were hard-hit by Hurricane Isaac, my best thoughts go out to you.  To the U.S. readers, enjoy your holiday weekend!  To everyone else, generic good wishes!

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Wayne (wayne) says:

I remember the first baseball game that I attended at Bank One Ballpark, the original name of the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium.  Old friend of mine's wife had them, we spent pretty much the entire game talking and catching up as we hadn't seen each other in pretty much a decade, and that game had some thing like 3-4 grand slams.

The architecture at that park is also pretty cool.

And we didn't get his by the hurricane, but we did have lightning strike a tree behind our house 9 days ago and blow a 25' fragment through our roof.

Sam Schmern (the_occupant) says:

We Canucks (AKA Canadians) also celebrate Labour Day.

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