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Plastic is fantastic!

Ain't it fantastic to get paid in plastic?  And yes, they also gave him all the PIN codes.  And they've been purchased from a variety of sources, so they're not traceable.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  I spent most of mine doing yardwork, in both my yard and the neighbor's.  Die, dastardly dandelions!

Last week I lost a day's drawing time to a football game ... this wekk I'm losing a day when my family takes me out to celebrate getting older (celebrate??)  Happy birthday to me!

UPDATE: New TopWebComics vote incentive!  Click on the TWC button below to get a preview of Saturday's episode, and find out if Dr. Unpleasant gets a handshake from his boss.

Joseph Rasche (thewarriorofmanyfaces) says:

Clever, Team Evil! Very clever! I applaud your masterfully executed plan!

...of course, the only flaw in it is that they should have made absolute sure Hornswoggle wasn't going to talk. Send him to Hawaii or something while the heroes are occupied with something else.

gwen patton (ardrhi) says:

Argh...those things are a pain to use. That many debit cards, he'll be biting the heads off cashiers before he gets through the fourth card.


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