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She has a way of getting your attention ...

Get a grip, girlfriend!

Now, don't get too offended by Kid Charisma, he doesn't take things too far with the girls ... well, not TOO too far ... OK, he's a charming creep, but he does have some limits.

As a few readers commented last time, Summer seems to be immune to his aura.  Why this is will have to wait for another day.  For now, we're going to see a battle of wills ... and won'ts.

To everyone affected by Superstorm Sandy, I hope you're keeping safe.  A little scarier Halloween than you had expected, I'm sure.  Everyone, forget the tip jar this week, just please contribute to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

Joseph Rasche (thewarriorofmanyfaces) says:

"Eew" is right, sister! I'm surprised this guy hasn't been sued for sexual harrassment yet...

Sam Schmern (the_occupant) says:

I can think of at least one kind of woman who would be immune to his wiles: someone versed in the Sapphoic Mysteries.

gwen patton (ardrhi) says:

Ummm...hello?  Mask?

Rodford Smith (stickmaker) says:


The *lenses* in her mask! :-)

gwen patton (ardrhi) says:

If it'll keep her from burning holes in things accidentally, it'll certainly keep Captain Creeper here from looking too "magically delicious".

David Johnston (davidjohnston) says:

Given that the girls snap out of it as soon as his voice squeaks I don't think it works visually.  Invulnerable ear drums may have more to do with it.

Nick Vito (greenknightfury) says:

I'd say it's more of a broken concentration thing over why the girls snpped out of it, since his sparkles cut out as well and they were hypnoed before he spoke and when they weren't looking at him. Mind effecting psionics would be my guess, though why Summer is immune is a mystery to me. It would be a very useful add-on to the typical super toughness-strength thing.

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