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They also fix flats.

I wonder if they also fix flats.   I also wonder if this guy ever does anything heroic.  Maybe we'll find out soon.

Nothing like fighting a cold, trying to finish drawing, and having Photoshop eat an hour of work.  Anyways, here 'tis for you.

I am thankful that this comic is done.

Mark Chapman (aardvark86) says:

Why isn't he out charming supervillainesses to foil their schemes? Is he a man or an asshole? To anyone that says they're the same thing, you know what I mean :-P

Wayne (wayne) says:

It's like voting in Chicago, save early and often.

Having said that, I had Photoshop eat a tryptich that I was working on with a power glitch.  Gotta get a UPS one of these days.

Jennifer McGaffey (jjmcgaffey) says:

Um...there is a typo in his first speech (I presume) - he should be saying it's too bad they _can't_ stay?

That aside - fun. As usual. I'm surprised Summer doesn't go through flyswatters too - but maybe they remind her to hit gently, and the hammer encourages a full-force blow.

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

@Jennifer -- thanks, typo is fixed.

R L (princess613) says:

@Mark: He's a teenage boy...

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