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Oh, not him again.

Remember this guy?  (Summer does, to her regret.)  He first showed up here ... and was last seen here.  Now Summer has two annoyances to deal with ... she'll have to remember which weapon to use on which guy.  Or maybe she can just hit one guy with the other guy.

Hey, I finally got around to creating a new wallpaper image!  If you check out the "Donations" page (just click on the tip jar below), you'll see a preview, featuring Summer in full "Customer Service" mode.  Anyone who has ever worked retail can appreciate this, I'm sure.

Got out the Christmas music, singing along in the car ...

Joseph Rasche (thewarriorofmanyfaces) says:

...anyone have a nuclear bunker I can stay in until Summer's gone to sleep?

Ben Schweitzer (dracone) says:

You're thinking to small, at this point I would be asking someone if I could use their space 'til summer's mood improved.

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