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It does you good to laugh ...

And you know it's true, that a laugh can cure your ills ...

Not only is work driving me crazy these days, I'm trying to help my Dad figure out his new computer ... which has an operating system called, I believe "Windows Hate".  That sums up both of our feelings toward this piece of ... I won't call it excrement, because even that has value as fertilizer.

Will Ginny and Jane every escape?  Find out next time ...

The Auld Grump (theauldgrump) says:

Dear gods, above and below! Downgrade to Windows 7 before it is too late! Windows Hate has all the stink of excrement without the benefits.


So... Jane is not only related to villains, she is related to at least one bugnuts insane villain....

Wayne (wayne) says:

Ah, yes.  Windows Hate.  I made sure to tell my dad specificlaly DO NOT upgrade to 8!  I only upgraded the VMs on my Mac from XP to 7 because SQL Server 2012 will not run on XP.  Here's to hoping whatever follows 8 will be good.

It just occurred to me that they're sort of doing an 'every other = good' model.  XP was good, Vista flopped, 7 good, 8 flopped.  Not a good business model.

Have you heard that they're not planning an SP2 for 7?  I hope pressure will cause them to rescind that stand.


Myself, I'm working on learning Python and Scientific Linux.  And Adobe Premiere.

The Auld Grump (theauldgrump) says:

Does the company that he bought the computer from offer a 'downgrade' to Windows 7? Some places do, some do not, but it might be worth looking into.



Nick Vito (greenknightfury) says:

Why can I clearly picture her deciding to kidnap a bunch of villains just to see what "villain extract" would be like...even if she didn't like it, gifting it to Genny (along with telling her what it was, after she tried it of course) would amuse someone truly twisted.

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