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Doesn't every grocery store sell weaponry?

Of course they carry armaments, they're in the bakery aisle.  See where the bear claws are?  You just look to the right to bear arms.

June is fun to write for.  Rest assured, we haven't seen the last of her ... no matter how much we might want to.

A big thank you goes out to all the new readers ... we had more visitors in February than in January, even with three fewer days to work with!  And speaking of new months, that TWC vote button down below could use a workout.

Forward, March!

Daniel Ross (nentuaby) says:

Pun foul. Ten yards.

gwen patton (ardrhi) says:

Is that some sort of demonic looking duck?

Joseph Rasche (thewarriorofmanyfaces) says:

Those eyes... those creepy, utterly insane eyes!

She has special eyes! My brand!

The Auld Grump (theauldgrump) says:

Exit: Stage Left!

Pastangum Felinix (pastangum) says:

Look! It's an obvious distraction!

Tetra Valent (4_valent) says:

I probably contributed to your February spike.  I've peeked in here before, but just completed an archive crawl.

This is a great comic.  I especially like all the character names, and it's nice to see that Helen Narbon's glasses have found a second career.  But just how often does Ginny need to cover up the taste of cyanide (referring back to the previous episode)?

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