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Mondays and Fridays
Now you know why comics come out on a monthly basis.

The fact that many comic books are published on a monthly basis is purely a coincidence.

I'm sorry about Summer's face in panel 2.  I re-did it about 3 times and it still looks weird.  Finally I said heck with it, I gotta get this posted.

Well, two great events in the past few days!  Last weekend, I went up to Chicago area to visit my son, whom I haven't seen in for-freakin-ever ...

Jon and me

... and then, Tuesday night, I had dinner with fellow filking fan Kay "Manifesta" Gilbert!

Kay and me

Kay and I collaborated on a filk for Wednesday's Narbonic: Director's CutCheck it out!

Wayne (wayne) says:

I was wondering how you got the the collaboration in with Kay.  It was definitely a good one, gratz!

Man, it's a little scary how many of us gray hairs are out there in fandom.

Tetra Valent (4_valent) says:

In panel 1, it looks like they're seeing more of June than they'd like at the moment.

Ooh, you've outed Manifesta!  I foresee a long and productive partnership.  "Got filk?"

David Kufner (djkblue) says:

Is your son aware of how much he looks like u?

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