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Can't you just feel the love?

Meanwhile, back in Zinger's room ... (I know, it doesn't sound as dramatic.)

Yes, this is typical of how Marilee and her parents get along.  You might even call it, dare I say, an "unpleasant" family dynamic?  (Sorry about that.)

I'm taking a couple of days off from work ... Joan is having cataract surgery, and I'll be home with her.  They say love is blind ... hopefully, with her eyes clear, she'll still love me.

Prayers and good thoughts to all the folks in Boston.

Tetra Valent (4_valent) says:

I always thought the name of that family dynamic was "teenager".

When Joan looks at you after surgery, may her first reaction be neither of the following:

1) "Who the heck are YOU?"


Wayne (wayne) says:

My wife was upset to finally acquiesce to getting her first set of progressive bifocals last year, and she's very happy with them.  We both have cataracts developing, so at some point in the future we'll be getting ours fixed.

One interesting reaction that I've heard to cataract repair is the need for a new wardrobe as the old one was much blander than previously perceived, also the possibility of new home decorating for the same reason.


Best of luck, Ed & Mrs. Ed!

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