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I'm @#$% OK, you're @#$% OK.

Apologies for the delay again ... got behind on drawing this week, plus when I got home Friday night, Joan's computer had caught something nasty.  Spent last night extracting malware from her machine instead of finishing comics.  Full page will be up sometime Saturday.

UPDATE:  Page is now up!  How will Carrie react to Summer's outburst?  Find out next time ... or, if you want a sneak preview, click on the TWC vote button below.

Yes, I'm finally getting around to posting previews again.  If you vote for us on TopWebComics, you'll get a sneak preview of the next episode.  Just a rough sketch, but hopefully enough to pique your curiosity.

I managed to injure myself playing softball ... pulled a calf muscle, and I've been walking around like a cross between Igor and Chuck Berry.

All the world seems in tune, on a spring afternoon ...

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Wayne (wayne) says:

This is what I like about running Macs.  Even my PCs I never had to clean malware, though I was once hacked through a software exploit.  It was interesting watching the mouse pointer move without my input, I yanked out my wireless card when it tried to uninstall my anti-virus.

My dad's Windows box, on the other hand....

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