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"Getting medieval"?  I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition ...

Zinger is loyal to her friends.  Well, some of them.

This is one of those "I'll fix it later when I have time" comics.  Something going on almost every evening this week, left me with very little time to draw.  Plus, Saturday we're visiting the grandkids in Michigan, Sunday I'm spending Mother's Day with my mother, so I don't know what Wednesday's page is going to look like.  I'll have something up, one way or another.  We need to find out if Carrie earns that dollar ...

Click on the TWC vote button below to see how I feel after this week.

Very go sleep must am and tired I to.

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Mark Chapman (aardvark86) says:

Hi Ed, I presume one of the things you intend fixing is Carrie's undersized forearm in the last panel.

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