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That doesn't leave much ...

If she's inhibited, it isn't exhibited.

Oh, yeah, there was another friend of theirs ... been a while since we've seen her, isn't it?  She still has a part to play in the overall story, but for now she's limited to making espresso.

Tetra ... you were asking how Mr. Mighty learned to control his abilities?  He trained with his uncle, who was also a superhero.  Young Marko was always eager to use his powers for good (unlike Summer, who is uneasy about being so different).

Speaking of coffee shops, is this one of those little eateries where celebrities like to hang out?  Click on the TWC vote button for a hint ...

And speaking of being responsibly reckless, be careful how you handle fireworks this weekend!  (Whether you live in the USA or anywhere!)

Pastangum Felinix (pastangum) says: Carrie's willing to try "something" new, not "everything" new; she's free to set limits on things.Also, possible continuity error, Ed?  I thought Summer already clocked out to start batting practice.Pastangum "dunno why my line breaks are broken" Felinix
Chic Geek (chic_geek) says:

And remember folks, vote early and often! Everyday Heroes needs YOU!

Have a good wekend, Ed.

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

@Pastangum:  She clocked out to go home and change, then clocked back in again.  Her boss insisted that she clock out for the actual contest, but helping the guys set up the machine is still paid work time.

And yes, please vote!

Pastangum Felinix (pastangum) says: Ah, thanks for the clarification Ed! One of those subtle bits I missed.  Also wish I'd gotten around to commenting on "yesterday"s comic, about Summer needing both batting and battLing practice. :) Pastangum "Belittling practice? Zinger could teach her" Felinix
Tetra Valent (4_valent) says:

Thanks, Ed!  I'm looking forward to the flashback arc where you cover Marko's family and history....

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