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It still hurts ...

Summer's old friends started avoiding her after the volleyball game where her powers kicked in.  Carrie's memories are from further back, when she was six years old.  Will we ever find out what was said?  Maybe someday.

One more page to this chapter ... will we end on a hopeful or depressing note?  Click on the TWC vote button for a preview.  Next chapter, we're back to the superheroes in action.  Mr. Mighty meets up with an old amigo ... literally.

I'm back home from vacation!  Joan and I drove down to South Carolina, spent a few days at the beach, saw our neighbor graduate from basic training at Fort Jackson, found a historical plaque in Kentucky that commemorated one of Joan's ancestors ... and I managed to keep current with the updates this time.  Now to get caught up on the yardwork before returning to the office.

Keep cool and carry on.

Wayne (wayne) says:

One thing that I love about living in a national forest at 9,000' is the lack of a yard.  I dig out the weed whacker at the end of summer and demolish new growth in the front, do a semi-regular poop patrol in the back, and that's about it for the year.

Of course, you still have to manage the occasional tree falling through your roof.

Tetra Valent (4_valent) says:

Was Carrie really in the room when her parents were yelling at each other?  That would be traumatic enough by itself.

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