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Try Google Translate.

Well, "medio litro" is a half-liter, or about a pint ... "Obispo" is "Bishop", and "concreto" you should be able to figure out for yourself.

If the heroes go chasing after the crooks, will that give Vern a chance to sneak away?  Click on the TWC vote button to find out ...

OK, we are now on the Friday and Monday update schedule!  I'm still making some adjustments to the site, and moving some of the old fillers to a new page.  If you check the drop-down box at the top of the page here, you can see I've started a new comic called "Irregular Emissions", which will hold things like fanarts I've done for other comics, old sketches, and other random stuff.  As the name implies, it will be updated irregularly.

Barkeep, a pint of concrete for the road, please ...

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gwen patton (ardrhi) says:

Ed, you are a truly evil man. I can't stop chuckling.

It may be the drugs. Kidney stones will do that.

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