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"I get little, I get big, the door gets opened."

Okay, FINALLY got this episode done.

What Carlos is singing in panel 4 basically translates as "Hey hey, open the door, I get little, I get big, the door gets opened."  The tune is the chorus of "Cielito Lindo", which is the melody you've heard every mariachi band play, EVER.

Being able to sneak under doors is a trick Carlos has used against crooks several times.  (They do not count on his cleverness.)

I don't know why this took me so long to draw, but it did.  Hope it was worth it.  Next episode will be much simpler -- our heroes find some illegal substances.  (Click on the TWC Vote button to get a sneak preview, of course.)

Q: If pro is the opposite of con, what's the opposite of progress?    A: 535 @#$% idiots.

Artie Snell (c-squared) says:

Dunno about you, but I cannot get the "Frito Bandito" song out of my head.  I made the words fit.  (It actually does)

Artie Snell (c-squared) says:

Just looked up "Cielito Lindo" on Wikipedia and, yup, that's what it is.

Wayne (wayne) says:

Carlos might be in trouble against Rat Man's henchmen!

Yeah, bunch of freakin' idiots.  We were going to have a family reunion for my aunt's 90th birthday at White Sands, ain't happenin'.  At least my wife's job as an astronomer is funded through universities, not directly from the gov't.

Chic Geek (chic_geek) says:

Way back when, our spanish teacher wrote to Frito-Lay and got permission for thespanish club to use the Frito Bandito as our mascot. I wish I still had my club shirt!

John Campbell (jcampbel) says:

You're filking your own comic now?

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