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Sharp fellow, isn't he?

This guy certainly does have an incisive mind ... and hands to match.  (Yes, this is "Blades".  His henchwoman will be introduced soon.)

Can our heroes sneak up on the villains?  Will they catch them by surprise?  Click on the TWC Vote button to find out!

Between a car repair and a sick cat, this has been an expensive week.  (There is that donation jar below, y'know.  And if there's a particular scene you'd like to see, I also accept commissions.)

Obligatory political rant goes here.

Tetra Valent (4_valent) says:

He's WAY overdue for his manicure.  It's hard to see how he could fire a gun (you know, being "fond of bullets" and all).

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

@Tetra:  That's what henchmen are for.

gwen patton (ardrhi) says:

I understand expensive.  This summer has been expensive. TWO bouts of kidney stones and eye surgery for incipient glaucoma SINCE JUNE gets a bit pricey.

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