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Humpty Dumpty had a crate fall ...

Little white mint candies and carbonated beverages ... a winning combination!  (And if you're not familiar with the phenomenon, you can see it here.)

What's the best course of action in this situation?  Click on the TWC Vote button to find out!

This past week, I got to have dinner with someone I haven't seen in ... I'm not sure, but I think it was last century.  Sandie, it was great to see you again.

Bundle up warm, you northerners.

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Wayne (wayne) says:

Reconnecting with old friends is always awesome.  Last year I got together with a friend when I was in DC whom I hadn't seen in over 30 years.  Found him via LinkedIn.

I should require all my friends to have distinctive names.  Since you're in Indianna, you don't know any Andy Pickett's who are in their early 50's, do you?

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