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Never underestimate the power of panic.

Would you say Vern and Dot are now "fast friends"?  (Probably not.)

So what's going to happen to Vern?  Will the heroes send him home?  Click on the TWC Vote button for a hint ...

Got this one finished while watching the Colts win!  A little more exciting at the end that I would have liked, but as long as the final result is good, I don't mind a little excitement.

Have a great pre-pre-Thanksgiving weekend!

Tetra Valent (4_valent) says:

Did the Colts screw up the change from Daylight Savings Time or do they just find it more sporting to take the first quarter off?  I'm sure this season would be very boring for you if they played well all game.

I'm wondering who would still be shooting at Vern.

Pastangum Felinix (pastangum) says: Before readers start calling "H4X!!!!1!1", I think I know how a 'normal' might've outrun Dot.  After her word with Vern, Dot went to check on MM, while Vern went straight for safety. Shorter trip.Also? Dyna Might and Blades both disappeared in the chaos. We don't know how many other henches Blades may have, and neither does Vern. _I_ wouldn't want to be on the streets right after getting a hero mixed up in that hornet's nest.Pastangum "doesn't watch sports" Felinix
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