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Mondays and Fridays

OK, comic is FINALLY up.  Vern's spirits are a little high, then a little low (easy come, easy go, any way the wind blows ...)

By the way, how did Violet's dinner with Carlos turn out?  Click the TWC vote button for a li'l hint (OK, a big hint).

Next episode ... I will TRY to get it up by Friday, but it may be delayed until Saturday while I try to get back on track.

I should have gotten ahead on drawing this past weekend, but I was either visiting family or pounding away at the kitchen walls.  This better be one spectacular kitchen by the time we're done.

Thank you for your patience.

Chic Geek (chic_geek) says:

Remember folks, vote early and often! Let's keep Everyday Heroes numbers high.


Sam Schmern (the_occupant) says:

A ticket back to Cleaveland with your child support paid off and 85 bucks is a far better place than you started.

Tetra Valent (4_valent) says:

No wonder Vern is disappointed - Cleveland???

I pound away at walls all the time - there are a lot of forehead-shaped dents around here.

Ed, I hope those are all interior walls that you've knocked down.

Pastangum Felinix (pastangum) says:

Voting time again? "Oh, yeah."  (Kidding - I vote daily, twice on workdays.)

Poor Vern seems to have problems with impulse control. Gambling with money that isn't his... drug-runner mule, and he sounded like a junkie when we first met him.  Not to mention his ex-wife and child/ren, though that might be beyond the comic's PG rating.

Unusual scene changing over the last few strips, from Vern's money troubles to Carlos and Violet, back to Vern, then back to Violet. But then, when I draw my own comic I can decide what works better. :P

Pastangum "HOW long ago did I say I was going to?" Felinix

Wayne (wayne) says:

Hey, Tetra: don't you know that all the little chicks with their crimson lips know Cleveland Rocks?!

Vern should be happy he's not going to Akron or Toledo.  Saturday night in Toledo, Ohio is like being nowhere at all.  They roll up the sidewalks at 7pm and people who were once there are not seen again, except for two lonely truckers from Big Plains, Montana, and a salesman from places unknown.

John Campbell (jcampbel) says:

Cleveland? We're going to Cleveland?! *wag wag wag*

David Harmon (mental_mouse) says:

Tetra:  Freebird did say "back" --presumably, that's his home town.

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