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Well, that's certainly a "novel" type of romance.

Luckily, I ran out of room on Dinah's screen ... otherwise, I'd have to find a different website for this comic.  You know, one of *those* sites.

Dinah's feelings for Mr. Mighty are ... shall we say, "complicated".  This won't be the last we see of these two ... it may take a while, but they'll be back.

As reader JohnE pointed out in last episode's comments, we've made it into the Top 100 on TopWebComics!  <KermitVoice>Yaaaaaaaaay!</KermitVoice>  To celebrate, I ... well, I don't have a preview of the next chapter, I'm still running a bit behind.  Instead, if you click on the TWC Vote button, you'll get to see a cartoon I did on one of the bulletin boards at work, celebrating the holiday season and the "lovely" weather most of us have been enjoying.

It's Friday the 13th ... don't walk under any black cats.

Wayne (wayne) says:

This one deserves a definite ROFLMAO!  She could probably test the waters by posting on one of the fanfic sites.

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Fanfiiiiiiic! :D
David Harmon (mental_mouse) says:

And we get to see how superheros respond to "Real-People" fanfic.

John E (barn0wl) says:

... and still in the top 100! That is fabulous! I love it when a plan comes together! (Well, okay ... not my plan so much ... but I been a-votin.) :D

I'm wondering how Jane would like Dinah's story? Will she react with jealousy? Start wondering about just what goes on when MM "busts" a girl villain? Or will she be more ... um shall we say absorbed?

Oh, you are a wicked one Eddurd!

Sean Duggan (duggansc) says: ^_^ There was a very short arc in Empowered that involved Sistah Spooky and Empowered providing copies of yaoi doujinshi to the male Superhomeys in an effort to convey how they felt about objectification. In that case, it backfired because the males they presented it to saw it as a huge compliment and evidence of their celebrity.
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