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If bad news comes in threes, a group of six is doubly bad, right?

Poor Fred, I hope he makes it.  Well, of course I know whether or not he survives, I'm writing the darned story.  I'm sure the suspense is killing you.

The tall guy in purple and the short guy in black were briefly mentioned way back here ... I'm sure you can figure out which is which.  If not, they'll all be introduced next episode.

Is Summer ready to have some fun?  Click on the TWC Vote button for a preview!

Again, I apologize for the once-a-week updates.  Home projects have been taking up all my weekends.  If I ever get caught up at work, I'm taking a nice long vacation ... so I can be behind again when I get back.

Hope your weekend is more relaxing than mine!

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Nyerguds (nyerguds) says:

Heehee. The "Yes, no, and maybe" totally makes this comic :D

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