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Now, now, play nice ...

Just because you can swing fast, doesn't mean you can swing accurately.

As I was completing this page, I realized that I'm getting kind of a Laurel-and-Hardy vibe from these two guys.  One is loud and over-confident, the other quiet and kind of bumbling ... I may have to do more with these guys than I originally planned.

It's been a crazy few days ... lots of family events this week, which left very little time for drawing.  Trying to keep on top of things.

Please vote on TWC (I'll get the next incentive up soon, I promise)!

And in response to reader Nyerguds, who asked why this comic doesn't have more filks ... it just might, eventually.

Pastangum Felinix (pastangum) says:

Heehee.  Characters develop their own personalities, and sometimes the unexpected little ideas come out as the best.  (And being the author, if they don't, you can recycle them!) Bert'n'Ernie there do have that kind of resonance.

Looks like each super has his-or-her own color-coded bat, huh?  Probably balanced for strength levels and balance, or something.

Pastangum "bink bonk whap whiff" Felinix

Brian McCloud (mauvecloud) says:

The subsitute characters for Aluminum Girl's swearing go beyond ASCII after the second at-sign: looks like some kind of "gl" ligature, maybe a small clock symbol, then a yen sign.  Does that mean her swearing is slipping into other languages?

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