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Mondays and Fridays
No good deed goes unpunished ... especially when you're late for work.

Just when he thought he'd made it ... but a hero can't turn his back on anyone in need, now, can he?

The "ka-soundeffect" in the last panel is a salute to The Wotch by Anne Onymous and Robin Ericson.

Much family business this week ... finishing home repair, visiting family on the 4th, trying to make up the time at work ... anyway, this week should be less hectic.

Just read "A Fate Worse Than Dragons" by John Moore.  He does comic fantasy very well ... not as good as Terry Pratchett, but no one is as good as Pratchett.


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Danny Bouman (dutch-guy) says:

So you have read Good Omens, Narbonic, Dominc Deegan : oracle for hire  and the Wotch. Good taste in books and comics so far

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