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May we see your license and registration, please?

Well, we can't let just *anybody* call themselves a superhero now, can we?  The lieutenant is just doing his job, making sure that vigilantes don't go running around the city causing havoc ... by the way, I have no idea if Indianapolis police officers actually wear "IPD" golf caps.  (Research?  What's that?)

Matt O'Morph is a shape-shifter, like Mr. Fantastic or Elongated Man.  He doesn't have total control over his body shape, which is why he looks the way he does.  (Actually, he looks the way he does because I draw him left-handed.)

Hey, an on-schedule update!  Got a break between home repair projects, so I should be able to keep on schedule, and maybe even update the bio pages a bit more.

Next episode ... Mr. Mighty *finally* gets to the office!

Ralph Hayes (rhjunior) says:

Personally I hate this trope. It's anathema to the very root concept of the superhero--- that the government can't always save you; that sometimes the lone man or woman has to step forward and stand in the gap, whether or not the powers that be approve. "Superhero registration" just makes them an extension of the government--- which anyone can tell you is a VERY dangerous precedent. the government should be subservient to the people, not the other way around.

I can't understand how a society that had the sense to conclude that an involuntary draft had something malfeasant about it, could later begin to accept the paradigm that superhumans "would have to" be subjected to a *superhuman* draft.....



Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

Hey, Ralph, thanks for commenting.

The superhero registration isn't intended to be taken too seriously.  It's just a convenient plot device; Mr. Mighty will have to perform some community service, which leads to a couple of other events which are important to the overall story.


Amber Thompson (msfrost) says:

So, it's a plot device. :)

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