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And Mr. Mighty's first assignment is ...

That's what makes Matt such an effective leader ... he keeps his priorities straight.  Don't worry, Mr. Mighty will be facing heroic challenges soon enough.

In case you can't tell, the second panel takes place in an elevator (complete with elevator music, why not?).  The man on the left will be a recurring minor character; the lady on the right ... well, WCN readers should surely recognize her.  She appears with the original author's permission.  Shaenon, you rock.

Not much going on this weekend, so there should be another update Monday.


Ieuan Sheeley (dexster) says: haha, nice comic dude, keep it up
Carrie Whitaker (auroraket) says:

Sciuridae labs, hmm? I seem to recall that name from somewhere. kekeke. :)


Thanks for the shotout. :)

The Auld Grump (theauldgrump) says:

For some reason those clocks always make me smile.... :)

Tetra Valent (4_valent) says:

Trivia Time: Given that the building is named for Kurt Vonnegut (well, he's the only "Vonnegut" *I've* heard of), I suppose that this story is set after 1967.  So, in what year did Evansville go on Daylight Savings Time and the other three cities shown not do so?


Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

Evansville?  What Evansville?  That says "Bloomington", plain as day.

OK, Tetra, I goofed.  Yes, it did originally say "Evansville".  Actually, for many years, Evansville and Gary (Central Time Zone) would go on Daylight Savings, and the rest of the state wouldn't.  (Indiana is weird.)  Now the whole state goes on DST, so Evansville shouldn't be the same as the other cities.  I retconned it.

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