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A lesson in conflict resolution...

Another "Guitar Hero" joke ... this would be an interesting way for parents to solve arguments (at least it would provide the kids with some laughs).  I should mention that the Mighty family cat has a digestive system that will make even a superhero tremble at the knees...

OK, here's another question ... what song are Mr. Mighty and Jane playing in the last panel?  There's a very obvious clue hidden in the dialog, for those that know the GH playlist.  First correct email response wins a free wallpaper (please specify size).  Email is eagedeon@yahoo.com , as always any comments or random keystrokes are welcome.

This space intentionally left blank.

UPDATE:  I just realized that I had to change the dialog to fix a *major* continuity error.  It was just a casual comment that somebody made ... left unchanged, it created a large glaring contradiction with later events.  If this is your first time reading, don't worry about it.  If you've read this before, how come nobody pointed this out to me?

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