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How low can you go?

What strange and mysterious objects lie beneath the city?  How many obscure references can I squeeze in?

Fact: there was one old church (Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic) in downtown Indianapolis that had catacombs underneath it.  There was a fire a few years ago, so whether or not those tunnels still exist is not known ... it's just a "whatif" that I thought was cool.  Hey, but what do I know?

Fighting a cold the last couple of days, but it's mostly past now.  Any feedback on the color strips?  I kinda like them myself.

UPDATE: corrected a typo in the dialog and re-loaded.  Dang, I hate when I do that.

Karen & Bill Drastal (karetoons) says:

I am enjoyinmg the color strips a lot! Tha'ts my two cents!

A few years ago I visited the catacombs in Paris....*shudder*...kind of overwhelming and when we left, our shoes were covered in bright orange dust...I never thought people dust would be so...vivid? 

Glen Williams (doctorhu) says: I'm loving the strip - I just had to say, I spy a Gerbil skellington....
Tyler Wright (tylgar) says:

Too big- that has to be an ur-gerbil skeleton!

David Harmon (mental_mouse) says:

I thought the skeleton was Dino from the Flintstones, going with their car across the page.  Also, I like the "A.S". reference.  (Journey To The Center Of The Earth).

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