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Don't let a little thing like breathing stop you!

So he's a hider, not a fighter ... hey, there are other skills besides slugging it out with bad guys.  Mr. Mighty defeats another challenger, but the toughest are yet to come!

Go Colts!

Karen & Bill Drastal (karetoons) says: I'm intrigued though...how's that guy making that stench?
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says: It's a side-effect of his invisibility.  When invisible, he can't be detected by sight, sound, heat, motion detectors, or any electronic device ... but for some reason, the air around him undergoes a chemical change, generating an odor strong enough to knock most people unconcious.
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I'm a middle-aged computer programmer from Indiana, but I've always enjoyed doodling and drawing. After discovering webcomics recently, I decide to try my hand at creating one. My wife thinks I'm crazy. My wife is a very sensible woman. ... full profile