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The battle rages on ... and on ... and on and on...

The question remains ... how can Mr. M and Matt do any real damage to each other?  Someone has to figure out something soon ...

I'll try to get another update before the weekend ... OK, I *promise* to put up another update before the weekend.  (Now I'm committed to it, see, since it's in print.) (Of course, lotsa people say I *should* be committed.)

At work today, another engineer and I were trying to get a particular circuit board to work ... somehow, something reminded us of some cartoon ... and soon we were quoting bits of Warner Brothers cartoons at each other, and singing "The Rabbit Of Seville" while connecting wires.  Surprisingly, the board started working.  I guess humor in the workplace really does increase productivity.

If I could think of something funny to write here, I would.

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David Harmon (mental_mouse) says:

Scene 3:  Matt don't need no stinkin' towel....

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