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I'd call that a big problem ...

A little delve into history ... a few years ago, there was a social network site for comic artists called "WebComics Inc." (sadly, it didn't last).  One project we had was for several artists to collaborate on a big crossover comic.  The premise was that all of our characters would be attending high school together; aptly enough, it was called WCI High.

For some reason, I decided to try doing five updates in a week, Monday thru Friday.  Somehow I managed, although I don't know if I slept at all.

At the start of the week, we see a young Mr. Mighty with his high school sweetheart, Blossom Pearl.  Blossom was created just for WCI High ... then I started wondering if she could be included into the Everyday Heroes story.

The blonde girl is Beth, from the strip Good Times by Karen Drastal (with some help from husband Bill).

Tune in Tuesday for more!

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