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That's right, we did order a pizza, didn't we?

And of course, no one suspects Blossom had anything to do with this ...

The middle panel shows the high school principal, Narie Song, and her assistant (whose name I've forgotten).  These characters were created by Paul Keller, who was the original organizer of Webcomics Inc. and WCI High.

I thought this would be the end of the monster, but one of the other cartoonists drew a (somewhat smaller) version of it into one of the following comics, where it was attending classes with the other students.  I figured this must have been one of Dooley Unpleasant's earlier attempts, so I dubbed her "Grooona" (the third "o" is silent) and had her hanging out with the other girls.  Maybe I'll post one of her later appearances another time.

Sadly, WCI High only lasted for one school year, and Webcomics Inc. folded a bit after that.  It was too bad, I enjoyed collaborating with the other artists and swapping ideas.  Karen and Bill Drastal are still cartooning (when they're not raising kids); check out their latest comic, Chick Peas.

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