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I've always enjoyed drawing and doodling.  Back in school, I used to draw flip-art cartoons in the margins of my reading assignments.  I got distracted by computers, and became your typical nerdy D&D playing geek.  One important influence from that time was a little book called "Startoons", a book of cartoons about Star Trek, Star Wars, and other sci-fi stuff.  It included a lot of work by this guy named Phil Foglio.

Fast forward a few years, I'm browsing the net, and I came across "Girl Genius" by that same Foglio guy.  I remembered the name, started reading, and I was hooked.  Then someone in their forums mentioned another comic about a blonde female mad scientist, which led me to Shaenon Garrity's "Narbonic", which opened the floodgates on the whole webcomics scene for me.

I was getting increasingly frustrated with my job, so I decided to try something creative in my spare time.  I've gotten a lot of my drawing experience from copying print comics, so drawing a superhero came naturally.  Another bit of inspiration came from the old Warner Bros. cartoons featuring Ralph and Sam, the wolf and sheepdog who were friendly to each other when not on the clock.  So, after kicking around a few ideas, I came up with the concept and overall plot for "Everyday Heroes", revolving around a typical superhero's home life.

As for myself, I've been divorced, widowed, and am now married to a very loving (and patient) woman.  Joan puts up with this crazy hobby of mine, and I love her much.

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