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Please bear with me as I revamp and place old comics on this site....it may be a while. But if you are interested in reading the overall story, go ahead and visit my ComicGenesis site. There will be a few changes between the different versions as I change text and try to fix miscellaneous errors. Hopefully for the better.

Weekly...most of the time.
Mitch Werwai

Mitch Werwai
Race: Minidragon
Gender: Male
Disposition: Surly
Role: One day on his rounds as a Ranger a series of events resulted in very unwanted consequences. First being forced to take the enthusiastic Hazel Reidon under his wing as an apprentice. Secondly having to play caretaker to a small group of orphaned pixy children. Perhaps the only thing keeping him from abandoning the whole deal is the set of strange circumstances surrounding the situation. Back to the Cast Page
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