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Please bear with me as I revamp and place old comics on this site....it may be a while. But if you are interested in reading the overall story, go ahead and visit my ComicGenesis site. There will be a few changes between the different versions as I change text and try to fix miscellaneous errors. Hopefully for the better.

Weekly...most of the time.
Hazel Reidon

Hazel Reidon
Race: Half Elvian (winged elf)
Gender: Female
Disposition: Confident
Role: Growing up as a half breed isn't easy, and Hazel is no exception. The treatment she received in the Elvian village led her to the conclusion that she wanted, no...she HAD to become a ranger and be respected. Now she's managed to become a Ranger apprentice but has no concept of how extraordinary her abilities are. In particular, a telepathic sense that lets her communicate with anything capable of thought. Back to the Cast Page
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