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Please bear with me as I revamp and place old comics on this site....it may be a while. But if you are interested in reading the overall story, go ahead and visit my ComicGenesis site. There will be a few changes between the different versions as I change text and try to fix miscellaneous errors. Hopefully for the better.

Weekly...most of the time.

And then here you see the death of the mouse drawn comics. This marks my first attempt at drawing my comics entirely with a wacom tablet. Well, actually I shouldn't say first. My first attempt was a big THANK YOU comic to my mom who sent me the tablet as a surprise. A complete surprise considering that a wacom tablet had been on my christmas list for three years prior.

I literally wanted to do in real life what I depicted in the comic. Leaping through the computer moniter to attack my mom with a giant hug. While the internet is a remarkable medium....alas I could not do so.

So I drew a comic about it...

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