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Please bear with me as I revamp and place old comics on this site....it may be a while. But if you are interested in reading the overall story, go ahead and visit my ComicGenesis site. There will be a few changes between the different versions as I change text and try to fix miscellaneous errors. Hopefully for the better.

Weekly...most of the time.

 One of the Fort’s final defenses is grown within the walls themselves. This is a special type of vine that can move and grow rapidly. The Quick Vines have a very slight intelligence, about as much as a dog or mutant puppy. However what makes the vines so useful is that they are empathic and can pick up emotions and feelings from the beings around them and act on the cues. When the pixies first came into the fort, they wanted to hide from Mitch. Quick vines around the pixies picked up the emotion and ‘hid’ themselves, making it so they wouldn’t move around the children. A lot of the motions and oddities that the vines had were either picking up on the children’s emotions or Vnnn’s commands.

When Elle was sitting in the corner moping and generally feeling bad, her emotions were screaming, “I need a hug!” Can you really blame the Quick Vines for acting on it? As her emotions changed from sadness, to shock, to fear...the same vines were confused and fled back to their normal positions in the fort walls.

As for this conversations, I’m probably giving the vines more intelligence with the translation than could be honestly credited to them. But trying to go for an accurate translation of the conversation would fill up the entire comic and look something like this:

Vine 1: Indication of confusion regarding the odd being.
Vine 2: Generic reference in the singular combined with the sensation of breaking and loss of knowledge. Odd being referenced with negative towards wrapping/climbing/hugging.
Vine 3: Confusion towards the negative towards wrapping/climbing/hugging. Exclamation of generic singular reference.
Vine 4: Exclamation of relaxation toward generic plural reference. Noting presence of light/sun.
Vnnn would say exactly what it did in the comic.
Vine 5: Displaying extreme confusion towards the communication coupled with generic reference.
Vine 6: Exclamation to communicate similarly to generic singular reference.
Vnnn: Statement of order and cleanliness towards current location coupled with sense of authority.
Vines display a variety of responses: Exclamation of generic singular reference. Exclamation of pain/destruction. Exclamation of rabbits.

Somehow translating Vine speech as hippy/surfer speak works much better. Although the mentality of both are surprisingly similar. Except for the rabbits. I don’t think surfers consider rabbits a curse word.

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