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Please bear with me as I revamp and place old comics on this site....it may be a while. But if you are interested in reading the overall story, go ahead and visit my ComicGenesis site. There will be a few changes between the different versions as I change text and try to fix miscellaneous errors. Hopefully for the better.

Weekly...most of the time.

I liked the idea of explaining a little bit about the pixies with a childrens school play. What better way to show popular culture and stories within a world? Now how much of this particular 'fairy tale' is fiction or reality, well that remeins to be seen. But this much is true:

Maerdian Pixies do not give birth. They are sterile.

Instead each new pixy child is created with the use of a plant where the parents each give a sample of their blood into the flower. The flower then combines the pixy DNA together with it's own to make a new organism, and when the pixy baby gets old enough the pod breaks open to reveal a brand new baby surrounded by the fluff of unfertilized plant seeds.

So, basically, all pixies are pod people.


(FYI I snuck in a cameo in the last panel of this comic. You may recognize the top of a Narbon head.) 

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