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El Gato Negro, Nocturnal Warrior

Mondays and Thursdays
Miguel Bustamonte

Miguel is Francisco's friend and the older brother of Francisco's boyhood friend, Mario. Miguel is already the police captain of the Texas Rangers division located in McAllen, Texas. His brother, Mario Bustamonte, had grown up as a childhood friend of Francisco Guerrero. Through his brother, Miguel had formed a lasting friendship with young Francisco as well. Years later, both brother's pursued a career in law enforcement, with Mario becoming a border patrolman. One night out on patrol, Mario was overpowered and murdered by illegal drug-smugglers. Devastated, Miguel vowed to bring his brother's killers to justice, while Francisco, in secret, vowed to do the same as El Gato Negro.

During the first few months of El Gato Negro's activity, Miguel believes the vigilante to be in league with the drug-smugglers. He even goes so far to theorize that El Gato Negro may have been involved in his brother's death. Driven by this possibility, Miguel pursued El Gato Negro with an almost vengeful desire. El Gato Negro later earned his respect after capturing the villain El Graduado and saving his life, but he continues to hunt the hero regardless, believing his actions to be dangerous. Back to the Cast Page
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Richard Dominguez (born Eufrancio Ricardo Dominguez September 22, 1960 in Dallas, Texas) is an American Comic Book artist and freelance storyboard illustrator. Best known for creating the popular series El Gato Negro and El Gato Negro, Nocturnal Warrior. ... full profile