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 So, I'm getting started with this.

 A lot of what has happened in the past few years has been strange, and embarrassing, and really painful, but I think it bears repeating. Everything here is true, except that I changed some names to avoid lawsuits. I don't know exactly what I'm looking for, but my hope is that if one person who is going through what I've been through knows that they're not alone, I'll be happy.

  For what's it's worth, in it's piddling little way:

  I owe the existance of this work to the Arlington County Police Department, a couple of agents from ICE, my parents, my sister Victoria Beinhart, Danielle Canterbury, Jessica Boone, Justin Southerland, and too many others to name, for making sure that I am alive today. I owe the teachers at the Art Institute of Washington DC for teaching me how to tell my story. Thank you.

   And thank you, for reading. c:






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