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  On a dark and stormy April night, a screaming ginger baby was born to two very startled, dark-haired parents, who knew their lives would never be the same. Within days, it was apparent that the pinky toe of God had pointed the redheaded child torwards mediocrity- blessed with a serious case of ADHD and freakishly large hands, the child began to create drawings of a poor quality, and has not stopped since.  Nobly forsaking lesser pursuits such as good grades, SAT scores, development of common sense, a sense of decency, and personal hygiene, the redheaded child sought to perfect her skills and take her place amongst the other hopefuls with no chance of succeeding in art and destined for failure. 

    Ellie attended the Art Institute of Washington, majoring in animation, ran out of money, attended NOVA Community college, then American University, almost dropped out, managed to stick with it, and is the beloved sculpture teacher in a Prince George's County high school. She is not the critically acclaimed author or illustrator of anything you've ever read or care to, but she has written and illustrated Damaged and Finding Lazarus. She lives in a tiny apartment outside of Baltimore with her dalmatian dog and her son, Henry Augustus.