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Elton the Shaper

Elton is a shaper. A psion from the D&D world that is capable of creating a lot of things from his mind.

Unlike most people, he gets "It." He KNOWS what he really is, and spends a lot of time consciously creating. He consciously creates and shapes his world like he wants it to be. The net effect is a world, for him, without chaos.

Until one day, he had gotten too used to order that he made one thought -- what if my life was more random? That thought grew and gestated. Not as fast as some of his other thoughts, but as slow as our thoughts. It really wasn't a thought most Shapers manifest immediately, but it was a thought most people manifest over years and months!

Born on the Planet Galatea in the Equivalent of the early 13th Century (the Year 2500 A.P. [After Planet Fall]), Elton was just like any normal boy growing up on a fruit farm after the first and second sweeps of the Black Death (Bubonic Plague).

There were so many people on the Caithness Isles that many people of the last generation died before him. Elton is part of the generation after the Danse Macabre, when people gave birth to a new generation of kids that will become adventurers.

Smart and intelligent, a wizard discovered him and tried to train him as a Wizard. But the boy couldn't be trained -- he couldn't think mystically. So, the wizard booted him out with a heavy heart and told him to find his own path.

Elton wandered until Galen the Mindbender found him and started to train him as a powerful psion. However, Elton couldn't take to Telepathy as a discipline. Instead, his powers manifested as metacreativity. Galen was surprised -- Elton had become probably the rarest of all psions -- a SHAPER.

Still, the lessons of Galen the Mindbender didn't leave him and Elton was able to gain the power to mindlink. With his powers fully realized, Elton left Galen to explore the world as a psion's journeyman in hopes of becoming -- one day -- a psionic master.

Elton's mount is Karl, a Bigauna. Karl is from the island of Amazonia, so the strange mount is exotic to most people of Caithness. Karl has been given the ability to be warm blooded so that he could function better as Elton's mount. Back to the Cast Page
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