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Varainye is a Massalian Elf barbarian. She lives for one thing. However, as she is unable to release her tensions, she is constantly turning her frustration to violence.

Her name is really a nickname. Her real name is Arwen. The girls all call her Varainye because she often gets dirty playing with the boys in the mud.

Lacking any common sense or proper manners, Varainye has struck down the path of the Barbarian. She also attracted to beautiful men and boys, and will often get excited when she sees one.

As a Massalian Elf, she was born before the migration from Old Massalia to Caer Massalia in the Caithness Isles. When she departed from the boats, she lost her parents and wandered around the islands surviving completely on her own. That was when she became a barbarian elf woman.

She wandered into the Republic of Devonshire, looking for food when she stopped into the Inn of the Prancing Pony. She met Elton and Greywulf there and the three of them got that job to slay Fyreheart of Lost Rose Abbey. Back to the Cast Page
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