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Jennifer Li (chinchatcomics) says:

I'm barely 5ft tall so it's good to know there are short people out there drawing comics. I honestly didn't know what to expect when I saw your comic but needless to say I'm enjoying the plot and gonna continue reading on further!




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Artist statement: I am four foot something inches tall. Everyone who is not an infant child is typically larger than me in all dimensions possible. I have a complex. I have phobias. Should you be insulted by my illustrated depictions of the public, you should know that all of you secretly look like giant monsters to me and that is why I won't sit next to you at lunch (conveniently, there is a music video that just about sums up what I mean in Kids' by MGMT). JUST KIDDING... but if you still think I'm serious I must assure you that 1) I love you. That's right. You. 2) I'd be less frightened if more people gave me more hugs, stroked my head and told me everything was going to be okay. Or not. Cookies are probably better. Food from random people is A-OK with me. 3) People of my own size and stature frighten me even more. Fact, there are no mirrors in my room. Fact, there used to be a lawn gnome in my grandparent's front yard until I battled it to the death with my bare hands. So, you know... I am (involuntarily) closer to people's butts than I should be. My sense of smell is Wolverine-status as well. Anyway, when I was younger I heard somewhere that trees take in what we expel and immediately thought that not only do they inhale what we exhale but they breathe our farts. Right.

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