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DAR: A Super Girl Top Secret Comic Diary
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DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary

March 5, 2009

Video Interlude!
Hey guys! I'm in Chicago this week and DAR is still half-completed. BUT!! I will not leave you empty-handed this week!

Every Tuesday at 7:30pm PST I host The Erika Moen Show (Archives of past episodes).

Since I'm only here for such a short time, this week I double-crammed in an awesome three-hour-extravaganza! So please enjoy some of my Very Special Chicago-Edition Interviews with a pair of my favorite, creative friends!

Lucy Knisley
Lucy is a mother-fucking comics powerhouse. She's 24 and has produced several hundreds of pages worth of comics ranging from the personal to the fantastic to the historical to the pornographic to the... Dang, guys. She's done everything. And she does it SO WELL.

A few select links to peruse her brilliance:
French Milk (Published by Simon and Schuster) // Journal Comics //

Part One
Online video chat by Ustream

Part Two
Live Videos by Ustream

Stephen Heintz
Stephen is one of my oldest friends that I originally met through the interwebz and he's also the handsomest! His Acid Zen Wonder Paint ALWAYS makes me laugh out loud (Man, when AREN'T boners funny) and his current project of brilliance is co-hosting the Children's Hour of Knowledge, which is a weekly podcast hosted by Profoctor Davey and his puppet pals who disastrously attempt to educate the children of Detroit.

Basically, his shit is hilarious and I love him. In the gay way.

Streaming live video by Ustream
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