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The result of a long hiatus is anticlimactic, at best...

In whatever era we live in (Modern, Post-Modern, Post-Post-Modern, Quantum Futurness to the 12th Power), there's little room for creativity involving teddybears and their noontime forest activities.

Or maybe its just that, in such a low economic time, the teddybears couldn't afford a picnic.

Or maybe its that the teddybears are using the forest as a headquarters for plotting their world domination--a tyrannical government ruled through fear and cuddli-wuddli-ness.  

Or maybe it's just that a checkered blanket and picnic basket were overreaching my drawing abilities and activity level.

One of those... Anyway, the result of a long hiatus is actually the result of finishing an unfinished teddy bear comic. Go figure. 

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Eris and Rei are twin teenage girls with a goofy sense of humor. They decided to make their own webcomic after reading "Ugly Girl" and "Cyanide and Happiness." Unfortunately, they're both procrastinators, hence the slow updates. ... full profile