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This city is screwed.



Mr Sparkle
Attractive, vain, egotistaical and devestatingly inept protector of Luna City ... more
Jasper Finkle/
The Twilight Avenger. Aspiring superhero with great potential. Jasper is both skilled and morally incorruptable. Works by day at the local comic book store, ComiCraze! ... more
Mina Marshall/Sans Macabre
Barista by day, famous and cunning cat burglar by night. Her secret identity seems to be known by everyone but her boyfriend, Pyke Layne ... more
Pyke Layne
Popular business man and chronic pickpocket. One of the richest men in Luna City, he is currently preoccupied with discovering the secret identity of his girl friend, the famous cat burglar Sans Macabre ... more
Psyche Moreau
Identity unknown. Computermancer. Pysche is working against the Baron to take him down from the inside. His agents are everywhere ... more
Stella Innis/Shadow Mayje
Jasper's long suffering girlfriend by day, mercenary assassin by night. Shadow works for the Baron and Mr Cage. She is torn between her relationship and her assignment ... more
Mr Cage
The Baron's right hand man ... more
Detective Dread
Corrupt detective working for the Baron. The Baron may be blackmailing him, or he may simply enjoy being on the take ... more
Madam Lilith
Madame of the popular brothel known as the Purple Closet. Works for the Baron and passes information to both he and Det. Dread as needed. She uses her ladies as spies for whatever side she is inclined to take at the time ... more
Real identity unknown to anyone but Madame Lilith. May or may not be a spy for either the Baron, Lilith or Psyche Moreau. Whomever she works for, there is more to Ophelia than a painted lady in red ... more
The Baron
Ringleader of all crime in Luna City. Powerful, corrupt and utterly without morals, his shocking real identity is known only to his right hand man, Mr Cage ... more
Dr Raven
Anonymous doctor employed by the Baron to dispatch his hospital-ridden enemies and liabilities. ... more
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